Style Blogging Kit


I thought I would share with you the equipment that I use to produce images for my Instagram feed and website. I’m fortunate to have a renowned professional photographer as a partner and he has helped me find solutions for taking selfies and style shots at home, in stores and on location….mainly so i don’t have to keep asking him! 😉 



First of all to trigger the iPhone when it’s on a stand or attached to a surface or mirror I use the HISY Bluetooth Camera Remote which syncs with my iPhone and is easily concealed in the hand while shooting. This is the smallest one I could find and it comes with a little table top stand and and an attachment to fix it to your headphone socket if you wish but I don’t use this. Note that it only works with Apple phones and has a range of 30 to 90ft which is far enough for the biggest hotel room.


The next most useful item is the Shouderpod Smartphone Tripod, Mount and Stand, I’ve tried lots of smartphone holders but this is the strongest and most adaptable for different size phones. It comes with a thread in the bottom that allows it to attach to a tripod or a simple lighting stand. You can also use it with further attachments to securely fix it to your car windscreen if you like to do pieces to camera whilst in your car….obviously whist stationary and not driving! 


The iPhone holder needs a small adjustable stand so you can move it about in the house or garden or your location. There are lots on the market but I use the Italian made Manfrotto Nano Stand because it is solid and compact, you can even put it in the bottom of your suitcase.



How do you take full length photos of your potential purchases in store changing rooms? This is my solution, the JOBY GripTight Suction Cup & GorillaPod Arm for Smartphones sticks to the changing room mirror with a suction pad and holds your smartphone so you can pose hands free and click away with your remote trigger….Genius! It will also stick to windows, glass doors or any other flat nonporous surface.