So one of the things I love doing is building an outfit….a great look is never just a top and bottom, you need at least 3 pieces….ideally more….as more is always MORE I say! 😉

So I thought I quickly talk you through this little #lockdownlook I put together using mainly Cabi pieces along with a few accessories from my own wardrobe.

With many of us spending more time at home right now, it’s really important to be comfortable however we also want to feel stylish, so the ATC joggers are my go-to right now.

I love clashing my prints so mixing some stripes in with this Cabi Crosswalk Tee adds a little interest but still doesn’t yet make an outfit.

[dahz_framework_single_product id_1=”3034″ product=”The Crosswalk Tee ” url=”” /]


Obviously, we could add the Cabi ATC Jacket however it’s all a little predictable….


[dahz_framework_product_2_col text_1=”ATC Jacket” brand_1=”Cabi” url_1=”” id_1_1=”3123″ id_1_2=”3085″ text_2=”ATC Leggings” brand_2=”Cabi” url_2=”” id_2_1=”3121″ id_2_2=”3086″ /]


If you follow me on Instagram @alice_inthe_looking_glass you’ll know that I do love adding a pop of red to my looks to help brighten things up….even if it’s just a red lippy….however here I have gone pretty bold and added a red baseball hat & bag too…..I love that this also matches the trim of my hi-tops too….I’m all about these little details … without being too matchy matchy!!

To finish the look off I’ve added the final pattern clash with the gorgeous Leopard Print Cabi Bundle Up Scarf 🐆🐆🐆


[dahz_framework_single_product id_1=”3036″ product=”The Bundle Up Wrap” url=”” /]

Finally because its pretty chilly here in London right now and we’re doing a lot of walks to try and get as much fresh air & exercise as possible during this time between Christmas & New Year,  I’ve added my super cosi khaki parka … 

Well, I hope that was helpful and I’m always here to help answer any sizing or styling questions about the Cabi pieces or just any advice generally or just fancy a chat.

Thank you for popping by and stay safe

Lots of love

Alice xx

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