Truvivity Oxibeauty Supplements & Drink (AD/gifted post)

I was asked back in April if I would trial & do an honest review of a new food supplement coming to launch in the UK called Truvivity Oxibeauty, which comprises of two products, a supplement and a drink which include nutrients for radiant skin.

Truvivity Oxibeauty provides copper and Vitamin E for long-lasting, all-day protection against oxidative stress, that’s stresses from sun exposure, the environment and the hustle and bustle of a busy lifestyle but you can find out all about what the brand says they can do for you here on their website ….if you’d like to find out more about what I honestly think it does for you please read on……

Now let’s just remember that I was kindly sent these products bang in the middle of the Corona Virus Lockdown (May 2020). All hair & beauty salons were closed , so my roots were already an inch long, my botox was rapidly fading and my nails were totally split and damaged from very naughtily picking off my shellacs!! We also had the sunniest May in history and as my work had slowed down and I am a massive sun worshiper, I’m afraid I may have spent a little longer on my lounger in my garden than usual, so my skin was over exposed to the sun & very dehydrated.  So basically any beauty product I tried during this period, really had its work cut out from the get go but I was excited to see if taking  these supplements would help.

The Truvivity Oxibeauty products are really easy to take. You take two tablets (one blister) in the morning over 30 days & then ideally take the  Truvivity Oxibeauty beauty drink later in the day with your largest meal. To be honest I took mine together straight after breakfast, as I can hardly remember to take my HRT tablet each day, let alone remember even more tablets at different times in the day!

I washed the tablets down with the  Truvivity Oxibeauty drink. The drink comes in handy pre packed ready to use portions, so would be easy to throw in your handbag and take to work (if you were able to leave the house) & are Aronia Berry Naturally flavoured, which tastes really good & basically like blackcurrant. Most importantly the drink doesn’t make you gag, like quite a few supplement drinks I’ve taken in the past I promise!

So during lock down, I got into a really good routine of doing my gym workout of either a 5K run, some weights or an online yoga class each morning, then had my breakfast of natural fat free yoghurt, fruit & Weetabix (Sin free from my Slimming World Days) accompanied by the Truvivity Oxibeauty supplement & washed down with the  Truvivity Oxibeauty Drink.

I’ve always had a pretty good morning & night beauty regime however since I started my Instagram account & blog I’m very lucky to be sent quite a few skin care products too. My routine includes cleansing religiously and whilst doing so I have been scanning my face and skin to see if these products have been helping. We are always so quick to criticise ourselves and with the weeks passing and my botox fading I can’t report a miracle cure to my skin rejuvinating to when I was 21 however I do think that after a couple of weeks, my skin felt a little plumper & there did seem to be a little bit of a glow and people kept commenting on my Instagram photos that lockdown was suiting me and that I looked really well which is always a good thing to hear.

I’m sure like most people in lockdown, my intake of vino seemed to be increasing and these lifestyle choices as we know can really become visible through your skin, however I do also feel that this product offered a protective buffering and helped, alongside my topical skin care routine to support more vibrant skin from the inside and helped create a little more of a glow.

It’s now week 4 and I’m really starting to see a few improvements like stronger nails, hair is really growing (and not splitting off) & most importantly more radiant skin however I have read that it can take up to 12 weeks to really see the full maximum results from taking any form of beauty supplement, so I would be very interested to see the longer term effects after another couple of months.

The lilac packaging is very pretty and functional, the  Truvivity Oxibeauty Supplement is laid out perfectly, with two tablets in handy blister packs & as mentioned before, each drink is packaged separately so there is no measuring to be done, you just empty the sachet into water. This daily drink also increased my water consumption too, as someone who drinks far too much coffee this became a replacement for one of my 3 coffees each morning which started my day more hydrated, which has to be another upside too!

During lock down, I have been busy doing online styling sessions & photo shoots, so it’s so important that I look after my skin and it looks good on camera, any life hack that is going to help me achieve a radiant glow but easily fit into my busy life is definitely of interest to me.

A healthy diet, exercise and sleep is also really important too but integrating these products into my life, that support the functions and structure of my skin from the inside has really helped me get through lock down, and now as we begin to get back to work and the new normal I really do think that I’ll continue to include the Truvivity Oxibeauty products into my daily routine and look forward to keeping you updated on how I get on. 

In the interest of true transparency, these product were gifted and this is a paid advert, however value wise, I think that these are perhaps more of an investment than other beauty supplements so would be great to take in the build up to a special event or prior to getting married perhaps. 

As always if you have any questions you’d like to ask me about Truvivity Oxibeauty products, then please feel free to comment below.

Lots of love

Alice x

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    Morning Alice,

    Sound Great; i love my supplements do when ive run out of my stash ill cgeck these out.

    Have a nice day, tracey

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      thank you Tracey, so lovely of you to add a comment too xxx

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