As part of my #cabiambassador #cabisquad role, I had the pleasure of attending a cabi Fashion Experience, which was run by the fabulous Mandy Noss our cabi stylist and hosted by her lovely sister in law Kim down in Sevenoaks in Kent. To make the experience more realistic & fun I was able to take one of my best friends Helen along….plus we were also very generously given a gift card for both of us to spend!!

Upon arrival we were greeted with white wine and delicious canapes by Kim & Mandy and introduced to the other lovely ladies also attending the event which were mainly very good friends of Kim’s, so the atmosphere was incredibly relaxed and fun and both Helen & I were made to feel most welcome.

Once everyone had arrived, we moved into the living room where there was a large rail already set up with a stunning array of cabi clothing and Mandy handed us all clip boards, pens and look books so it was super easy to make notes of all the pieces that caught our eye throughout her presentation.

Mandy, our cabi Stylist, presented the cabi Collection in a really knowledgeable & succinct way whilst also picking a different member of the group to try on a few of the key garments of each of the different collections as we went keeping the format upbeat and inclusive. I have quite a few of the garments from the cabi Autumn / Winter collection and feel I know a fair bit about the collection, however, even i was show a few new top tips by Mandy, for example I have the Bond Blazer, however I had no idea that the belt was reversible!!

One of the most popular pieces of the evening was definitely the Josephine coat, which both Sarah and Helen, pictured above, looked fab in, again I am lucky enough to already own this beauty as I have been totally spoilt by cabi this winter! (see my previous blogs to see how I have styled the Josephine coat)

Once Mandy had talked us through the full collection we were then able to start trying on a few pieces ourselves with Mandy on hand to help with any styling, fitting or sizing questions.

I actually wasn’t sure that the Checkmate Jacket (above) that Mandy suggested I try on was my cup of tea but once I tried it on I actually adored it and thought it looked fab with my Bond trousers I was already wearing to the event.  It just shows that even a stylist needs to keep her mind open and try things that you wouldn’t normally lean towards. I can imagine wearing this Checkemate jacket with blue jeans come springtime and the weather getting a little warmer & another reason a cabi Fashion Event can work so well for you and your friends to just push you out of your comfort zone a little and stop you buying more of the same. It’s similar to having your own personal stylist but more fun with all your friends & vino there too!!

Helen & I had such a laugh trying on the cabi pieces together, twining here in the Serpentine Snakeskin Blouse!! Like me Helen is a big animal print fan, so there were so many cabi pieces that she fell in love with including the Zebra Top which may have got on her shopping list! That’s probably one of my favorite things about cabi…no matter your age or style preference, there’s something for everyone!

It was so great to see, touch & feel some of the pieces in real life that I’ve admired online for so long – like this Dressed Up Shrug from the latest New Arrivals collection which is now sadly out of stock! I have learned the hard way that when these new arrivals drop, you need to get in quick, as once they’re gone, they’re gone!

There is nothing better than getting to actually try on the clothing in the comfort of our host’s beautiful home whilst you have one of your best friends on hand to give their opinions on your looks…. plus all these other ladies too so you 100% know you’re look is working. We even had a little play with the gorgeous cabi Jewelry, which just like all of their clothing, is absolutely fabulous quality too!


Helen & I were super impressed by the cabi Fashion Experience, so much so that Helen is now talking to Mandy about hosting her own cabi event in the New Year where she will be able to take advantage of up to 50% discounts on the new season collection just by gathering a few friends together to chat fashion and styling…whilst drinking vino too!

As a personal stylist myself, I was most impressed by Mandy’s knowledge of each of the pieces, including the fabrics, sizing, prices and styling advice.

It was also lovely to hear more about the heart of the cabi Foundation…

– $56m in clothes donated to women in need

– over 16,500 small business loans given to entrepreneurial women in developing countries

– here in the UK cabi have partnered with SmartWorks – this is an ongoing relationship where they donate clothes to women who are trying to get into the work place. They have also partnered with Maggies Cancer Charity, Dressed for Success, LWA (living without abuse) as well as others.

Thank you again Mandy & Kim for having both Helen & I and here’s a few pics below of the pieces we bought

lots of love

Alice & Helen x

Helen is wearing the Zebra Top and the Miranda Pleather skirt

I am wearing the Original Wash skinny Jean, the Serpentine Snakeskin Blouse and the Shetland Sweater 


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