So I can’t believe It’s been over a year since I did the Flagship NHJStyling course!!

Seriously, how time flies when you’re finally doing a job that you just bloody love and actually believe that you’re actually pretty damn good at, even if I do say so myself!

So much has happened in the past year, so many great opportunities including being part of the NHJStyling Team and working on a regular basis with my own Personal Styling clients….which, quite frankly, is another blog post in it self, but first I wanted to tell you more about the Mens Styling Course I did last month.

For every female client you have there’s at least one man you could be styling too!

Styling men is very different to styling women and an area I felt I still needed a little help with, so I was delighted to hear that Nicky had launched her new Mens Wear Styling Course designed to expand your fashion and styling knowledge & add men’s styling to your skill set and increase the services you are able to offer as a personal stylist.

I was also super excited to be back together with my Flagship Course styling buddy Jules Viner and also the fabulous Emma Mascall both pictured below. (Please do follow both on their instagram)

Day 1

We spent the first morning talking through the key differences between styling and dressing men and women in a friendly & relaxed environment. Nicky covered men’s trends, body shapes and sizing right down to the minute detail of collars & cuffs ….who knew there were so many variations?!?! 😉

We were then tasked with creating a capsule wardrobe for our clients which we presented back to the group and went through all of the pieces we had chosen and explained why to Nicky.

It was also so interesting to watch & listen to both Emma & Jule’s styling ideas and hear Nicky’s feedback which was hands on, open & honest as always!

We learnt so much on the first day and were given our briefs for the next days shopping task so we had time to prep for our “live” personal shopping task with a real male client the next day.

Day 2 

Getting to practice our newly acquired male personal styling skills on a real live client was just brilliant!! I don’t know where they found Chris but he truly was a dream and genuinely seemed to love the day as much a we did. There is no better way to learn than being hands on, working in a really fun environment, to not 1 but 2 briefs through out the day.

My first brief was a young male client going to Silicone Valley for a business presentation, so I wanted to embrace a very relaxed, uber cool but stylish look – I was thinking Mark Zuckerburg from Facebook!!

Even though this was a fictional brief Chris loved the look and I was delighted that he actually bought the Ted Baker shirt I dressed him in below.

It was equally interesting to see the same model styled completely differently by the other stylists on my course, not just because they were given different briefs but also because it was really interesting to see the different styling ideas that I may not have thought of. The great thing about going on a course is not just what you learn from your tutor but also what you learn from watching your fellow students styling too.

Here’s Emma styling our Model in a traditional work suit as her client was going for a job interview and wanted to be taken more seriously. Jules, again, had another brief and opted for some block colouring with a very dapper grey suit from Ted Baker.

Having such an intimate group meant that we had time to not only do both work & casual wear but also play around with different looks and really get the hands on experience that you need to help build the confidence required to go out there in the real world styling male clients. We got to learn and make our mistakes together whilst having the best time and such a giggle too!

As I said, Chris had the patience of a saint!! He was our real life Ken to play dress up with!! LOL!!

The Men’s Styling Course is so much fun and we had the best time learning all about male client styling however I am so glad this wasn’t included in the Flagship Course as it’s a completely different skill set and we really wouldn’t have been able to learn as much had it been included with the womenswear at the same time. Mainly because you just don’t have the headspace to take it all on board at once.

Thank you Nicky & Claire for such a fabulous fun few days and all the support you have given me since my initial course and I can’t wait to crack on and start styling some more men soon…

If you’re thinking about becoming a stylist, or are already a stylist who wants to update your skill set and learn about styling men too, then I truly can’t recommend the NHJ Style Academy enough.

As always if you have any questions about either course then please don’t hesitate to get in touch below or take advantage of my exclusive offer for all my lovely followers.

If you’re interested in the NHJ Style Academy Flagship Womenswear Course, next one is 1-4 October in central London, quote “Alice” for £150 off!!

Lots of love

Alice x


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