Spectacle Wearer of the year 2018 – Regional Finalist!! (45-59 year olds!!!)

So I’ve worn glasses for over 10 years now, mainly for reading and using a computer.

I did actually get prescribed a pair when I was a kid as I kept complaining of headaches but absolutely hated the obligatory blue national health glasses I was given so I hardly ever wore them.

Role on hitting my 30’s and basically not being able to read my emails any more, so I had to relent and go purchase pair. So off I trotted to the local fancy optometrist near my office in Paddington and got sold into buying a fancy pair of Paul Smith glasses that I think at the time were nearly £400 ….Oh to be young a frivolous and have a well paid media job!!

Anyway I then basically spent the next few years stressing about losing them or leaving them at work so I never had them on me, so when I saw a 2 for one offer at Specsavers I popped in & had a free eye test (via work) and got my self 2 really lovely pairs for 120 quid!

So these were my 2 pairs that I quite often include on my Instagram feed as I totally love both and actually treat my glasses a little like another fashion accessory and also feel both these pairs reflect my personality too. Most importantly I now have a pair sat next to bed (for night time reading / insta scrolling) and another pair on hand in my hand bag at all times.

Anyway I digress, basically I got sent a marketing email form Specsavers about their Specsavers Wearer Of The Year Awards (SWOTY) and as you may have gathered I have a fair few selfies on my phone, so I thought fxxk it, why not, what have I got to loose??!! It was super easy, I just sent the below selfie in my specs and Bobs your uncle, fannies ya Aunt I’d applied.

This is a classic “Alice running out the door” Instagram picture, taken at the top of my stairs on our landing with my Hisy remote control clicker with about 5 seconds before I’m going to end up being late for my train or what ever appointment I have in the diary that day!

I chose this picture as it was one of the first pictures that I got my most “likes” from the Gram, so I felt confident it was a good one, plus I love the leopard print Top Shop Jumper & red lippy….it’s all very me!!

Anyway I sent this in months & months ago and then to my total surprise I had a call from the SWOTY team a few weeks ago to say that I was only a bloody regional finalist …..in the age group 45-59 years old!! 😂😂😂

Obviously I was absolutely shocked but also delighted and was asked to pop in to my local Specsavers Beckenham Store and was given a £125 voucher, a bottle of champagne and had the following photos taken that I just had to share with you all!

Oh how we laughed!!

Thankfully there was a professional photographer on hand to take the pics ……and this time it wasn’t my partner!!!

I love striking glasses, so these tortoiseshell Havanas from the will.i.am range were a firm fav.


However I also did love these from the Twigi range…..

……..act naturally he said!!

Lucky I’m not shy hey 😉

And I went with the will.i.am pair!

Give an instagrammer a little bit of free licence with the photo shoot……..yes I’ll climb up on a letter box!! Not a pretty sight seeing me being winched up there by the poor photographer and having my modesty kindly covered up by the lovely Briony from the PR team 😜


…….and I seriously can’t be trusted with a pole either!!!

So there you have it, I’m literally sitting by the phone waiting to hear if I’ve made it through to the next round and if so I’m into the finals!!

I bloody love Rylan, I hope he’s presenting again if I get through!!

Alex above went on to Love Island after winning last years SWOTY awards!! Imagine!!!  😂😂😂

Seriously I don’t expect for a moment to get through however there is a Social Media winner I hear so maybe we can go for that one with all of your amazing support behind me 😉 (again jokes!!)

Anyway there you go, just thought I’d share with you here.

All a bit of fun,

Lots of love

Alice x

p.s the dress is from H&M and linked here 

Note: This post is not sponsored by Specsavers


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