The Brazilian Blow dry

I get a huge amount of compliments about my hair on Insta, which is lovely & I’m incredibly grateful, however if you know me IRL you would know I’m incredibly honest & real & I’d love to keep my online personality the same.

So you may have seen a recent post on stories where I showed you the 25 million different steps I have to go through to wash & Blow-dry my mane and make it look anything like the pictures I post up on a good hair day.

If you missed it, I have done a quick re cap below… if you saw it, please scroll down for the Brazilian Blow Dry time lapse video we have created……..

Step 1.

Wash, deep condition & add serum & a good heat protector

Step 2.

Blow dry using THE MOST POWERFUL hair dryer in the marker, the Dyson

Step 3.

Take your other best friend, a pair of GHD’s, pop them on a medium heat so as not totally scorch your hair & straighten from the root, whilst adding a little flick half way down to create the curl at the end. This is a whole other lesson which I will happily do for you if of interest?

Step 4. 

Spray with hairspray, I personally use Elenett as it brushes out easily & I don’t like the really “done” look. Run your fingers through to break up the Shirley Temple look & finally go pop some make up on & promise to NEVER EVER do a step by step tutorial like this with out a full face on again!

So as I said, it’s a complete & utter blood faff and takes around 1 hour to do it properly & if i go to the gym, get rained on or have one of my lovely menopausal hot sweat in the night, it’s totally ruined!

So introducing the Brazilian Blow Dry……some times also known as the Brazilian Blow Out. The benefits of Brazilian blow dry treatments include repaired hair, reduced frizz, smoother texture and tamed curls along with speeding up the drying process by 80%!!

I actually used to have this treatment a few years ago, however since moving a couple of years ago I hadn’t been able to find anyone locally that was able to offer this treatment until I stumbled across the fabulous @hairbyemma_23 on Instagram.

Brazilian blow dry vs. Brazilian keratin treatments

Unlike comparable Brazilian treatments, like those of the traditional Keratin variety, Brazilian blow drys allow you to manage your hair as soon as the treatment completes.

Traditional Keratin treatments come with stringent care requirements: those who’ve had the treatment commonly have to wait 72 hours to wash their hair, and can fidget under the prohibition of using simple hair accessories for the same amount of time.

When you choose to have a Brazilian blowout, you can freely style, tie up or wash your hair the minute you rise from your stylist’s chair.

This treatment will keep my hair frizz free & smooth for at least 3-4 months & vary in costs from £125 – 400 depending on where you go.

So here you go, please find the little video that we made to show how the process works……..


A huge thank you to Emma who you can find @Hairbyemma_23 

Emma is a mobile freelance Colour Specialist & hair stylist covering the Beckenham & Bromley area. Dm|Email Emma directly for Appointments & Enquires via Insta @Hairbyemma_23 

I have still to wash & blow dry my hair myself after this process so I will update you all ASAP how I get on….I know the excitement must be killing you all 😉

Well hopefully you found this useful & very excited to say that I will be working with the lovely Emma again soon & we will be bringing you more hair styling tips shortly.


So those that follow me on Insta & my Insta stories you will have seen a I did a quick blow dry straight after Emma did my Brazilian treatment and it’s absoloutley brilliant!! It’s super quick & easy to blow dry now and I can quickly run my GHD’s through to still get the below curl effect which then stays like this for literally days….even if I go to the gym and get sweaty, I blow dry the sweat and it still looks great 😉

Or if I’m not being a total minger I can re wash & blow dry in around half an hour compared to the previous 50mins or so!!

Amazing, totally love it!


Alice x

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    As the owner of the beckenham forum i am stunned to see your advertising a mobiler. I hope you realise that tenants of shops in bromley pay a high sum in running there bUsinesses which entails, rent, business rates, vat, pdq machine rates and rent and the list goes on and on. What does a mobiler pay?

    • avatar

      Hi Anon, thanks for your comment.

      You are correct I do also run the which for others reading this, is a free website for local residents & businesses to use & for a very small fee you can advertise on it.
      I also have a Beckenham Forum Twitter & Insta account where I regularly “like” & share followers content for free. The Beckenham Forum support all local businesses that offer a good service or product, be it run from a home, office, shop, restaurant, school, church, leisure centre etc etc. We have also supported a plethora of businesses such as local builders, painters, plumbers, pest controllers, PR teams that also all run their businesses from home & visit their customers in their own homes or businesses….all of which could be classed as mobile services. If you follow the Beckenham Forum on any of our Socials you will also see that we have only rescently been supporting the new Seven Dials salon on Croydon Road, Beckenham Headmasters & also Roxby Hair. The reason that I chose to use Emma this time, is that I was recommended to her on Instagram as she specialises in Brazilian Blow Drys and I had struggled to find a local salon that offers this service. Being able to create hair tutorials in the comfort of my own home plus the fact she is a very good hairdresser & lovely too is another reason that I chose to work with her & will continue to work with her.

      If you have a local business that offers a good, friendly service, I will happily support you too, be it paid or reposts of your own social media but in future please email directly at rather than post comments on this site.

      best wishes

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