3 summer dress re-styled for Winter

Ello there,

So thank goodness we’ve got January out of the way & the days are getting longer and spring feels like it’s on it’s way. I don’t know about you but I am super excited to tap into the old summer wardrobe and rock some of my pretty flowery dresses but it’s still so bloody freezing & will be for a while yet! So what I’ve done here is taken some of my summer frocks and re worked a few looks so we can get some ware out of these dresses even if in bloody February! ❄️

So here are the 3 dresses I choose at random from my rather extensive wardrobe. I used to have a fairly corporate job & I hated the idea of wearing a suit so I lived in dresses & a flowery dress, as I may have mentioned previously was my signature look 🌺


So the first long sleeved yellow dress is a beauty I picked up in the Marks & Spencer’s sale at the end of last summer & have literally only worn it once, the it got too cold so I wish I’d thought of these ideas sooner!! 😏

Then we have the teal flowery Primark classic, with a a diagonal frill & split up one side that I also got in the sale for £7!

And last but by no means least we have this gorgeous bright coral Japanese print wrap around style dress from Dorothy Perkins which again I picked up in the sale. You may see bit of a theme here, as basically I hardly ever pay full price for my dresses & always wait till the sale as I believe that a flowery dress will never go out of fashion, so why pay full price. Dorothy Perkins have the most fabulous dresses too, so make sure you always check their dress rail in the sales!

So taking the M&S yellow dress, I quite simply added a denim jacket over to break up the colour & my Bricks & Stitches leopard belt & a pair of tan knee high boots to cover my milky white legs.

However this is more for early spring, so another idea is to just add a simple tan polo neck underneath the dress which personally I just loved & either throw on the denim jacket or if it’s as chilly as it is now, I’d wear my leopard faux fur over the top.

Leopard & yellow who knew but I think it works and will add a picture up on Insta asap!

So for the Primark dress I had the absolutely most perfect jumper to go with, even if I did forget I’d even bought it when I saw it hanging up in my wardrobe!! Literally shopping my own wardrobe!!

I love dressing down a dress with my Adidas Originals, albeit that you do have to go bare legged as I just can’t make tights & these work!

Alternatively as I’ve done here for the 2nd & third pics, just add over the knee tan boots & I feel this gives this more of a Boheimian feel & perfect for a Sunday lunch or the pub…as long as you don’t need to walk to far as these boots are a killer 😉

So I really got into my styling flow for the 3rd Dorothy Perkins dress & actually feel that a couple of these ideas would work well with all 3 dresses. A denim shirt should be an essential in every wardrobe as it’s so easily adapted to so many outfits. Obviously I couldn’t tuck this in, so I added a black & tan elasticated wide belt to pull in the waist a little & loved how the denim colour really worked with the gorgeous teal blue in the skirt.

I’m a huge fan of & follow Erica Davis on instagram & have totally stolen her style here by adding a big thick Arron knit to this dress. This one was a christmas gift from my brother a few years ago, I think it was from Mint Velvet but I hardly ever wear it as the neck is sooooooooooooooo big and makes me feel like Lord Percy from Black Adder! Anyway I really like it over this dress & also think it would work well over the yellow dress, so hopefully I will get more wear out of both now!!

The last option was teaming this fabulous coral red cardigan from Primark, literally wrapping it around with a big thick brown leather belt to hide the summer dress underneath & keeping it warm & cosy at the same time. Again dressed down with trainers but equally lovely with knee high tan boots and tights to add another layer of warmth!

My final look was one that I again stole from another favourite Instagrammer, the gorgeous Vanessa from @VougishandCalamity who has the most fabulous style & if you follow her stories she is always dropping little style tips. This one was to use the belt from your dress as a little neck tie! I’m not sure she meant to wear the dress as well but it’s a cute ideas and made me laugh when I tried it 😂

So there you go, go pull the summer dresses out from under the bed & give mixing up your seasons a little go.

I hope these ideas have been useful & if you do give it a whirl, please do tag me in on Instagram……. you can find me @alice_inthe_looking_glass


Alice x

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