Sophy Robson’s Collaboration with Louboutin

So I was lucky enough this week to meet the amazing Sophy Robson whilst she was out creating this stunning piece of Graffiti in a collaboration with Louboutin Beauty and a new launch of their nail varnishes.

Sophy is the premier nail artist in the UK. She has done nails for magazines; Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Grazia, Elle and many other publications & has worked on campaigns for fashion heavyweights including Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Henry Holland.

Sophy has as also been nailing press-ons with her Nails-It brand & has created other nail & Make Up products & also runs pop up Nail Art bars for events & was the Chanel Nail Ambassador for many many years.

More recently, in the past couple of years Sophy has been creating graffiti art & has gained an enormous following for both this & her nails with over 28K on Insta & over 14K on Twitter not to mention her Youtube & Tumbler followings.

…..and this is where little old me came in to the mix.

Sophy put a shout out for a Beauty Blogger on Twitter & a good friend happened to spot it & forwarded it on, to which I replied & the next thing I know she’s responded saying that she’s actually doing the project that day! Thankfully living in London & being freelance in my day job I was able to juggle things around and was super excited when she asked me to pop down & assist.

At this point I honestly knew nothing about the project, the brand that she was collaborating with and the only thing I really knew was what I could see from her Insta as I’d been in back to back meetings for the whole morning & hadn’t had any more time to research her.

When I got down to the location, one of the only legal graffiti walls in London at the back of a huge Estate near Stockwell Tube, Sophy was deep in concentration, spray painting away listening to music in her head phones and had been at it since 10am that morning……and was absolutely freezing!!

I still wasn’t really sure how I was going be able to help, however Sophy was delighted to see me & I wished I’d brought the poor gal a cuppa tea but at least I was able to supply some charge for her phone & look after her spray paints & stuff so she could pop to the little girls room.

In the meantime, like any sane Instagrammer I whipped out my phone and did a quick Insta Story to show my followers the absolutely amazing location I’d found myself in, with a little teaser of what was going on….watch the video below….

….and of course the obligatory selfie 😉

Once Sophy returned she explained through her thoughts on the collaboration & showed me the nail varnishes & their amazing graffiti packaging & it all instantly made sense ….what better person to collaborate with than a girl who specialises in Nails & Graffiti…..genius! 😉

So for the next few hours I watched Sophy work away on completing her piece of art, it was amazing to watch & just chat away to her, not only about this project but her life in general & particularly what it’s like to be an “Influencer”.  It was an incredibly interesting chat, one that we went on to continue over a lovely hot cuppa tea once Sophy had finished….but that’s a conversation for another day……

During this we were both snapping away & taking a few boomerangs and uploading to both hers & my Insta Stories to create a little bit of a “tease & reveal” on the whole project from start to finish.

Once Sophy felt the piece was completed, it was all about getting the shot with her own beautifully graffiti painted Louboutin nails that she’d been keeping covered under some protective gloves. This was where I was finally able to help out a little & take some photos from my own iPhones of her getting the shot for the PR agency & the client.

She did ask me to take a few of her nails for the main shot as well but the pressure was just too much as she clearly had a vision in her own mind of what she was wanting to create but she did seem pleased with the photos I took of her in the lead up to the main shots. I personally really like the ones below with all of her in the shot too although she was adamant that she didn’t want her face in them, so hence the hoody.

So when you’ve spent this long creating the perfect #instawall for a brand & product you obviously need to get the best shot…. & I loved watching & helping Sophy play around with the varnishes to capture the best possible pictures.


It was tricky, getting the nails & the whole wall in using just an iphone but I think she #nailed it….if you’ll excuse the pun….



So what an amazing afternoon, my first experience of working with an absolute legend of an Influencer (even though she would never describe her self as one) & an incredible global fashion & beauty brand.

I’m so delighted I replied to Sophy & she gave me this opportunity to not only come down and shadow her, as there really wasn’t much assisting to be honest, but to meet a genuinely lovely girl who’s been grafting away at her own craft for years & with this amazing collaboration she’s able to combine both her skills of old & new & show a brand like Louboutin just how you can do things differently.

Thanks so much Sophy


Alice x

p.s – also glad I was able to educate you about the old #instawalls too 😉



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