3 pairs of trousers, 9 very different looks

So the other day, just before Christmas (whilst I was supposed to be present shopping) I popped into H&M. If you follow me on IG you will know I absolutely love H&M for quick & easy ways to bring you up to date of the new seasons looks & fads at very in expensive costs …..so you can imagine my delight when there was a sale on!!

I spotted & tried on a few items however I was very good & stuck to the rule I read somewhere recently (no doubt on #insta) that you should always plan out at least 3 outfits from what you have already in your wardrobe with any one new sale item.

I was also keen to try they black trousers / leggings with the red stripes down the side look so popped to Zara to pick up a pair from there too.

So here are my looks……….

The first item purchased were these fabulous H&M bright pink trousers. 

These were reduced from £24.99 to £12.99 in the store, however as you will see online they are £16.99 online. They didn’t have a size 12 in store, so sized up to a 14 so they are a little big but I think the 12 would have been a little snug to be fair….especially now after Christmas! 😉

As you can see I have teamed each pair of trousers withe the same 3 x tops & 3 x pairs of shoes to show that with just 9 items you can achieve 9 completely different looks, which is great for when you are going away & need to pack light …..not that I ever do this!!

The red blouse is from H&M and is available on line still for £17.99. It goes with everything and has been one of my Autumn / Winter staples. The denim shirt is so old but again a recommended staple & the grey sweat shirt was picked up on the same H&M haul for a fiver and unfortunately I can’t find it online any more.

I’ve also used just 2 x hand bags, my new The GiGi Bag from Aurora London plus my new fabulous black sued purse from the Heidi Klum range at Lidl UK which was the bargain price of £19.99 but again sadly not online but may still be in the store if you’re quick!

The next look are the black, red & white stripes leggings from Zara @ £19.99.

Now I have to say, I never wear leggings but love this look on other people so thought I’d give it a whirl. Again using the same 3 tops & 3 pairs of shoes I re styled this for an evening out, day time chic & a sporty casual look.

I have to be honest though and say that I didn’t keep these as although my partner loved them, he said my bum looked great, TBH I wasn’t feeling them & feel that they didn’t suit my “curves”.

The 3rd & final look were the bright red H&M jeans below again for a fiver, reduced from £12.99

Again styled with the same red top, denim shirt & grey sweat shirt to give 3 very different looks.

As you can see my gorgeous leopard belt from Bricks & Stiches has made an appearance to try & separate out the reds a little & add some interest…..although again this is a pretty bold statement but perfect for the festive period!

I personally love the red & the denim option & have worn this look out recently with my big faux fur leopard print coat which was a fun look & adding Adidas Originals to any of these looks gives it a dress down feel….although mine could seriously do with a wash in the machine!!

If you’d like to shop any of my looks, I’ve added a few links to all of the photos above & below.

I hope your found this useful & would love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to add your comments.


Alice x

Bricks & Stiches leopard Belt – £36 


The Red Gigi Aurora bag – £95

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    Hi Alice. likE the pictures. I do think the pink trousers are a little bit too big for you, surely thats always a good thing?! If not, sorry 😐
    I like the double red and i like the denim shirt with both trousers. I’m with you on the leggings, i have to cover my bum And i dont think i’d feel right in them either. Whereas Beth GoOdhram, not sure if youre following, if not, follow! wears them so well with heels 😀

    • avatar

      Thanks for popping over again Jan & for your feed back, it really means the world to me to know that people are even popping over to take a butchers!

      I’ve unfortunately pulled the tags of the pink trousers now but they’ll be good for work & right now after the Christmas festivities!!😉

      I do follow Beth and love her recent holiday snaps, love her body confidence & positivity too!

      Alice x

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