The search for the perfect Christmas Nails

I work part times as a consultant selling advertising on black taxis and am very lucky that I get to take clients out for lunch and nails as a thank you or a way to build relationships & get to know them better. In the run up to Christmas most ladies love a to be taken to get their nails done & if you follow me on insta you will be aware that I have been taking full advantage of this perk & trying to achieve the perfect Christmas nails!

Now before I popped into the salon for my first December nail appointment I did do a quick google & #christmasnails search on insta, to which a plethora of different ideas popped up but sadly non that I could really see myself carrying off and especially not with 2-3 weeks Shellac manis we tend to have. (other brands available of course)

Here’s a few examples below that I found ……

The salon I go to have a huge range of colours but when I asked about Christmas nail ideas, they weren’t much help either so my first attempt to try & explain what I was after was a total failure.

I found a couple of examples on my phone of a pink French mani but with a gold or silver tip, something pretty but subtle and along the lines of the gorgeous examples I have since found on line below….


However the below pictures posted on insta was what we achieved as my first attempt & as you can see it was a little to subtle and the feed back on my insta poll on stories wasn’t great however I sort of agreed so was delighted to be able to give it another go this week & try something a little bolder.

(When I say the feedback wasn’t great, everyone has only ever been super lovely on insta, it’s the most amazing & supportive platform full of wonderful people – just more “No’s” than “yeses” this time on that particular poll)

For my 2nd attempt I was keen to involve a bit of a bolder colour & sparkle, red being the most chritmassy colour that I could think of that would also go well with my Christmas outfits so had a few ideas in my mind similar to the ones below…..

However again, I listened to the technician, got allured in by some amazing chrome colours & went totally off-piste and ended up with the below robot finger!!

Obvs had to pop up on Insta and although I have had a lot more positive responses TBH I’m still not 100% happy with my choice again.

So the moral of the story is to do your research more & stick to your guns once you know in your mind what it is that you’d like, especially when its going to last 2-3 weeks……… and you have no more clients lined up to go take out to get it re done for the 3rd time 😉

Here’s a link to where I found all of theses ideas for The Perfect Christmas Nails on google and please do send me through pics of your Christmas nails either via here or DM me on insta @alice_inthe_looking_glass

I do hope these are helpful & look forward to hearing soon

Alice x



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